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Help us promote your club ahead of Tokyo 2020!


Dear chairperson and head coach,

Ahead of Tokyo 2020, Swim England want to understand how being part of a club, across any discipline, helps contribute to an individual’s wellbeing.

To help with this research, two surveys have been created, one for those aged 16 and over and a separate survey for those under 16. We are encouraging all clubs members to complete the relevant survey to help us gain more understanding around the social value of being in a club. Two weeks ago, we emailed your club secretary with information on how to promote the surveys to your club members via your newsletters, websites and social media.


The findings will help the promotion of clubs during the Olympic and Paralympic Games and also help with the development of our club strategy for 2021-2025.

We hope these will be useful when attracting new members and investment into your clubs, as we are aware that this is crucial to help your club grow and become more sustainable.

The surveys closes on Sunday 22 March 2020.

Make sure you get involved as the club with the highest completion rate amongst their members will win £100 of Institute of Swimming vouchers.If you have any questions, please contact the Swim England Insight team.