Success for Barracudas in the third round of the Humber League.

The Humber Swimming League community came together for an exciting and competitive gala on Saturday, September 9th, hosted with great enthusiasm by Cleethorpes and District (CAD’s) at The Riddings in Scunthorpe. This event was a celebration of talent and sportsmanship, showcasing the remarkable skills of young swimmers from various teams and marked the third round of the Humber League.

The gala was filled with thrilling races and incredible displays of swimming prowess, keeping both athletes and spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the day.

Congratulations to the Beverley Barracudas for emerging as the champions of this gala, displaying exceptional skill and determination in the pool. Scunthorpe Anchor and Cleethorpes and District also put on impressive performances, showcasing the depth of talent in the region’s swimming community.

The overall points on the day were:

  1. Beverley Barracudas – 178 points
  2. Scunthorpe Anchor Amateur Swim – 136 points
  3. Cleethorpes and District – 125 points

 Barracudas still sit nicely at the top of the cumulative points table with only one gala remaining!

Well done Barracudas!