Beverley Barracudas operates with 5 squads covering all the ability levels of the club

Club Start

This is where is all starts, taking children from swimming lessons around the age of 7 to gently bring them into the world of club swimming. We currently have 3 lanes dedicated to the young starters, club Start A, B and C. Your child will be accessed when joining the club and will probably start in one of these 3 lanes. The children quickly progress to the development squad for the next stage of their swimming career


From Club Start the swimmers will be introduced to the Development Squad, again we have 3 levels A,B and C.  We have criteria for each of the levels for the children to attain and move forward. Approximately children from the age of 8 to 10 are in the Development Squad.


The Academy Squad A,B and C is built up from children coming from Development Squad that are not ready for Performance Squad seeking additional work on conditioning and technique. Swimmers from this squad can move onto Performance or Club Squad at a later date. Normally children around 11 -15 are in this squad. We have 2 lanes dedicated to the seniors and 1 to the juniors.


This squad is made up of seniors , juniors and performance start. These swimmers are around county level that perform at a very high level for their respected age group. We dedicate 5 lanes to this squad and in more recent times have increased the size and strength of the squad with some exceptional talent. Swimmers from the age of 9 to 19 will swim in this squad.

Performance Nationals

There is one lane devoted to this squad. As the name suggests this squad is aimed at those competing at a very high level.



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