Seaside success amid soaring temperatures

A pool party theme brought holiday vibes to the Bridlington Seaside Special gala – but there was nothing leisurely about the swimmers’ performance.

The epic three-day meet at Bridlington Leisure Centre was a marathon for competitors, officials and volunteers, especially as the July temperatures soared.

But with a broad range of events to test the mettle of swimmers of all ages, the gala, held from 8th-10th July, was another display of quality for Beverley Barracudas, who left with 139 new personal bests and 158 medals. Among the medal count were 21 speeding medals – a sign of the rapid progress we keep seeing through the age groups.

Friday evening launched the weekend’s action with 1500m and 800m freestyle events. These were a first for many of our swimmers, and a rare occasion for others, and all clocked very competitive times.

Saturday served up a variety of races over 100m, 200m and 400m, with a high number of our younger swimmers building their competition experience with some excellent performances.

While our more seasoned swimmers raised the stakes with jaw-dropping skill and speed, an outstanding work rate and competitive grit also gave our younger boys and girls plenty to be proud of as they shifted up a gear to races demanding pacing and stamina.

Extra entertainment kudos go to 10-year-old teammates Henry K-H and Oscar H persistently battling to claim the top spot and being separated by a sliver of a second. That’s the spirit!

By Sunday the holiday atmosphere reached a new level in the now sub-tropical heat. Yet our swimmers squeezed out every last drop of effort to bring home some great performances in a mixture of sprints and 100m/200m events.

The hot summer weekend gala on the coast was challenging but memorable. Some swimmers enjoyed time on the beach during breaks, with Ollie S commenting: ‘It was great to have a gala beside the seaside.’

And the medals themselves are a great souvenir, featuring an intricate design with a picture of Bridlington beach in the style of classic railway posters.

Head coach Wayne Smith said: ‘Three-day events like this are a true test of the stamina, resilience and determination of our swimmers. The temperatures were unforgiving and the days were long, but the Barracudas worked hard and made us all proud.’

Beverley Barracudas Swimming Club