Ridings Gala Success

This evening’s Ridings Gala was a phenomenal success for Beverley Barracudas. What an incredible display of swimming prowess from all our swimmers. The relay teams worked harmoniously to produce some astonishing results. And the individual racers pulled it out of the bag. It is so great to see how well the swimmers work together and combine their skills. Beverley Barracudas demonstrate a heart-warming team-spirit whereby the young swimmers are encouraged by their older, more experienced, peers. Everyone encourages each other, creates a supportive network whilst developing their competitive nature.

Pocklington, Driffield, Thirsk and South Hunsley swimming clubs showed that they were strong competitors in all races. They are all forces to be reckoned with and put up a great fight. It is thrilling to know that Beverley Barracudas compete with such eminent local teams.

Our Beverley Barracudas youngsters have, once again, shown that they are extremely talented and have that extra edge when it comes to competitions. We are proud of all our swimmers’ achievements as they continue to work hard and improve.

Barracudas Trophy Success

Thank you to all the coaches, parents, supporters  and officials this evening who have enabled this event to take place. It is a team effort and great to know that we are all here to support our youngsters’ endeavours to become successful swimmers.