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How Membership Works

The Beverley Barracudas is a growing club. We continue to be successful at all levels in the competitions we enter but are always aware the the true success of any club its with its members or swimmers in our case. We need to add new members to our club start and development squads to make sure this feeds our older squads over the years. We also have strong ambitions to be the club of choice in the area. To be able to do this we will be hiring more pool time and increasing our squads over the coming period.

We get applications to join the club from the learn to swim programmes at the different pools in the area and swimmers from other clubs who want to join us. Our doors are open to all children.

All new starters are subject to a trial. If you fill out the application form  JOIN THE CLUB  then you will in all probability be invited for a trial. This normally happens within 7 days.

Our teachers or coaches will assess the swimmer mainly to see what lane or squad would be suitable. If we feel that the swimmer is not ready for club swimming we will advise on a course of action to get the child ready for another trial. We take Children around the age of 7 and they don’t have to be Olympic champions. A basic level of swimming and being able to swim 25 meters unaided is what we look for. You will be amazed at how quickly their swimming develops in a very short space of time.

Once you child passes the trial (parents can sit on poolside for the trial) you will be invited to join the club. Our membership secretary Veronique Dudicourt Smith will talk you through all the forms and ‘things to do’ .

Beverley Barracudas offers a truly great and rewarding experience for all children of all abilities. A skill for life and maybe glory in the sport.

We have a monthly Direct Debit depending on the squad as follows-

Club Start and Development    £25 per month

Academy                                       £28 per month

Performance                                £32 per month

National Squad                           £38 per month

We also have an annual membership fee payable in January current £126 which included are you Swim England membership costs and Insurance fees.

To view our swimming times and squads please click here Our Squads and Swim Times

Need more information? Please contact on our contacts page CONTACT US NOW

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