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Beverley Barracudas are affiliated to Swim England (ASA) . All our coaches and teachers have qualifications that allows them to teach or coach children.

The coaching qualifications are Assistant Coach ( Level 1) and Coach (Level 2).  Senior Coach level 3  the teaching qualifications are Assistant Teacher Level 1 and Teacher Level 2

Currently we have –

Senior Coach Level 3

Wayne Smith

Coaches  Level 2

Paul Hartley Coach Level 2

Sara Redmore Coach Level 2

Katy Konieczko Hansom Coach Level 2

Paul Hopwood RPL Level 2

Giles Crosby Level 1

We also have Swimming Teachers

Wayne Smith Teacher Level 2

Katy Konieczko Hansom Teacher Level 2

Sara Redmore assistant swim teacher  Level 1

Giles Crosby Level 1

Poolside Helpers

Sally Harling

Melanie Clark

Steph Makey

Carolyn Steele

Glen Paddison


The main difference between Teaching children and Coaching the swimmer is teaching can start from the non swimmer stage whereby you will teach a child the fundmental movement and core aquatic skills enabling them to be able to swim. In a club environment the teaching takes on a higher level to get the children to improve technique and swim over a longer distance.

Coaching of swimmers introduces different pillars that all swimmers must master-

The Phyiscal Pillar- being able to swim longer distances with good technique at an acceptable pace

The Technical Pillar – Improve technique to a higher level allowing greater efficiency in the water meaning faster speed

The Psychological Pillar – Training the mind to overcome worries and concerns , building attitude to training and competing

The Tactical Pillar – Race preparation and visualisation.

The Lifestyle Pillar – Good diet and self control to enjoy the sport and enjoy things outside of swimming


You can start at the bottom just being poolside and helping coaches and teachers manage the swimmers. this helps understand the ropes and may give you the appetite to take a training course to be a Coach or Teacher.

Please contact Head Coach Wayne Smith today and lets talk.



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