Chairman launches new Parents of Barracudas group

Good evening everyone, hope your’re all looking forward to our new swimming programme with the new evening sessions of Tuesday and Wednesday. Let’s hope this is the beginning of more and more time in the pool. Thanks to everyone for the great work the swimmers are putting in with compliance of the rules, it’s really appreciated.
Now we’re back in the water, it’s time to also move things on outside the pool and with that in mind I want to introduce a new proposal for fundraising for the club. As you all probably know we heavily rely on our annual gala for funds along with sponsors and fees.
One of our parents Rob Osbourne has kindly stepped up and will be heading a new ‘Friends Of Barracudas’ group.
Some of you are often in touch with the club to see how you can help fundraising and this is the channel to do it.
Rob and the group will be autonomous and will not be involved in the committee or coaching side of the club (which helps you stay focused on simply raising funds), Rob and I will stay in touch along with our Club Treasurer, Sarah Curran.
If you are in anyway interested or can offer help or influence, sponsorship, etc in any way at all, then please get in touch with Rob on or 07769 924351. He will be the lead in all things funding and take things from now on, so please contact him & offer your help if you can.
Please keep your eyes peeled on Swim Manager, our future preferred information route to you all, there will be some interesting and developing news about Barracudas new kit very soon.
Have a great evening all and thanks for your continuous support of our club.
John Stevens
Beverley Barracudas SC